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Pittsburg-Galena-Joplin Mining District Map

Pittsburg-Galena-Joplin Mining District Map

This map was hand drawn 36 years ago on the
reverse side of an NBA poster and is 38x63in.
in size. Digital copies of the map are available
on CD in two hi-resolution formats: .jpg image and
adobe .PDF. For ordering instructions, see below.

Close-up Sample of the Mining District Map:
Close-up section of the Mining District Map
Pittsburg-Galena-Joplin Mining District Map Info
Pittsburg-Galena-Joplin Mining CD A CD version of
"Pittsburg-Galena-Joplin Mining District"

is available from Platform 3 Research
for $11.95 postpaid. The CD includes two
full-color, hi-resolution formats:
    .JPG 300dpi image
    Adobe .PDF format

Order the CD direct from Platform 3 Research $11.95 Post Paid (+ 7% sales tax for Iowa orders)
(post-paid within the U.S.; additional postage required for shipping outside the U.S.; Iowa Orders must include 7% Iowa sales tax)

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The following is a listing of all cities, villages, and stations shown on this map
State Location/Feature Railroad(s)
KS 5 Mile Corner, Kansas KS 7 Mile Corner, Kansas KS Anna, Kansas SLSF KS Anxrum, Kansas J & P KS Arcadia, Kansas SLSF KS Arma, Kansas MP KS Ashton, Kansas SLSF KS Atkinson Air Field KS Atlas, Kansas SLSF KS Badger, Kansas KS Banner, Kansas J & P KS Barber, Kansas SLSF KS Barley, Kansas J & P KS Barnes, Kansas KCS KS Baxter, Kansas SWM / KCS / SLSF KS Baxter Junction, Kansas NEO / SLSF KS Baxter Springs, Kansas SWM / KCS / SLSF KS Beaumont, Kansas KS Beggs, Kansas J & P KS Beulah, Kansas SLSF KS Bird School KS Boston Mills, Kansas KS Brazilton, Kansas ATSF KS Breezy Hill, Kansas J & P KS Brownsville, Kansas SLSF KS Bruce, Kansas SLSF KS Brush Creek, Kansas SLSF KS Calvin, Kansas KS Camp 50, Kansas KS Camria, Kansas J & P / ATSF KS Capaldo, Kansas KS Captan, Kansas NEO KS Carbon, Kansas SLSF KS Carona, Kansas MP / NEO KS Cato, Kansas KS Checo, Kansas SLSF KS Cherokee, Kansas J & P / SLSF / MP KS Cherokee Jct., Kansas J & P KS Cherokee Mound, Kansas KS Cherokee Tank, Kansas KS Cherry, Kansas M-K-T KS Cherry Creek, Kansas J & P KS Cherryvale, Kansas M-K-T KS Cherryvale, Kansas KS Chetopa, Kansas MP / M-K-T KS Chicopee, Kansas J & P / ATSF KS Clemens 22, Kansas SLSF KS Coal Valley, Kansas SLSF KS Coalfield, Kansas NEO / SLSF KS Coalvale, Kansas SLSF KS Cockerill, Kansas MP KS Cokedale, Kansas MP / M-K-T KS Columbus, Kansas J & P / M-K-T / SLSF / NEO KS Columbus Jct. Kansas NEO KS Commonwealth, Kansas SLSF KS Condon, Kansas M-K-T KS Connor's Switch, Kansas SLSF KS Cornell, Kansas ATSF / MP KS Cornell Jct., Kansas ATSF / MP KS Cow Creek KS Cow Creek Jct., Kansas ATSF / J & P KS Crane, Kansas M-K-T KS Cravensville, Kansas NEO KS Crawfordville, Kansas KS Crestline, Kansas SLSF KS Crowe Number 10, Kansas NEO / SLSF KS Croweburg, Kansas J & P KS Cunningham, Kansas KS Curranville, Kansas KS Daisy Hill, Kansas KS Deckery, Kansas SLSF / ATSF KS Devlin Switch, Kansas J & P KS Dickson, Kansas M-K-T KS Drywood, Kansas MP KS Drywood, Kansas SLSF KS Dunkirk, Kansas J & P KS Eagle, Kansas SLSF KS East Mineral, Kansas J & P KS Edison, Kansas KS Eldon, Kansas SLSF KS Eldon, Kansas KS Empire City, Kansas KS Empire Junction, Kansas SLSF KS Euterpe, Kansas SLSF KS Fairgrounds, Kansas J & P KS Farlington, Kansas SLSF KS Farlington Lake, Kansas KS Faulkner, Kansas MP KS Favor, Kansas KS Filler, Kansas SLSF KS Flagg, Kansas J & P KS Fleming, Kansas M-K-T / SLSF KS Fleming, Kansas MP KS Folsom, Kansas MP KS Foxtown, Kansas KS Franklin, Kansas J & P KS Friendship, Kansas KS Friendship, Kansas KS Frisco Lake, Kansas KS Frontenac, Kansas ATSF KS Frontenac Jct., Kansas J & P / ATSF KS Galena, Kansas M-K-T / SLSF / SWM KS Garland, Kansas SLSF KS Gaskell, Kansas J & P KS Gem School KS Girard, Kansas ATSF / J & P / SLSF KS Glenwood, Kansas ATSF / M-K-T KS Green Elm, Kansas KS Greenbush, Kansas KS Gross, Kansas SLSF KS Hadley, Kansas MP KS Hallowell, Kansas SLSF KS Hamilton, Kansas KS Hawkins, Kansas NEO KS Hayden, Kansas NEO KS Hepler, Kansas M-K-T KS Hiattvville, Kansas M-K-T KS Hoag, Kansas SLSF KS Horefield, Kansas SLSF KS Howe Station, Kansas SLSF KS Humble, Kansas J & P KS Idell, Kansas KS Idle Hour Park, Kansas J & P KS Ingleton, Kansas SLSF KS Iowa, Kansas KS Iowa City, Kansas KS Island, Kansas KS Italy, Kansas MP KS Jacksonville, Kansas KS Kansas Ammunition Plant KS Katy Switch, Kansas M-K-T / J & P KS Keelville, Kansas KS Kirkville, Kansas KS Kirkwood, Kansas SLSF KS Kirkwood Switch, Kansas J & P KS Klondike, Kansas J & P KS Kniveton, Kansas KCS KS KOAM towers, Kansas KS Kramer, Kansas SLSF KS La Coy, Kansas J & P KS Laneville, Kansas SLSF KS Langdon, Kansas KS LaRue Switch, Kansas J & P KS Lawton, Kansas KCS KS Leawalk, Kansas KS Leedsville, Kansas KS Lightning Creek KS Limestone, Kansas SLSF KS Litchfield, Kansas MP KS Litchfield, Kansas SLSF KS Litchfield Jct., Kansas SLSF KS Lone Oak, Kansas SLSF KS Lone Star, Kansas KS Lone Star Cemetery KS Lostine, Kansas KCS KS Lowell, Kansas SWM KS Lowell Station, Kansas KCS KS Lucky Jane Mine, Kansas NEO KS Mackie, Kansas SLSF KS Manningsville, Kansas M-K-T KS Marion, Kansas SLSF KS Mathewson, Kansas SLSF KS Maxine, Kansas SLSF KS McCune, Kansas SLSF KS Melrose, Kansas KS Mertz, Kansas SLSF KS Messer, Kansas KS Midway, Kansas ATSF / KCS KS Midway, Kansas SLSF KS Military, Kansas KCS / SLSF KS Military Road, Kansas M-K-T KS Millersburg, Kansas KS Mineral, Kansas M-K-T KS Mineral Jct., Kansas NEO / SLSF KS Mohon, Kansas SLSF KS Monmouth, Kansas SLSF KS Montana, Kansas KS Montana Station, Kansas M-K-T KS Morton, Kansas KS Mount Carmel, Kansas KS Moyer, Kansas NEO KS Mt. Carmel, Kansas KS Mt. Olive Church KS Mulberry, Kansas J & P / SLSF KS Mulberry Grove, Kansas J & P / SLSF KS Naylor, Kansas NEO KS Nelson, Kansas KS Neosho River, Kansas KS Neutral, Kansas SLSF KS Neutral City, Kansas KS New Arma, Kansas J & P KS New Castle, Kansas SLSF KS Opolis, Kansas SLSF KS Oswego, Kansas SLSF / M-K-T KS P & C Junction, Kansas J & P / SLSF KS Page, Kansas J & P KS Pawnee Station, Kansas SLSF KS Peacock, Kansas M-K-T KS Peacock, Kansas SLSF KS Peacock, Kansas KS Pecton, Kansas MP KS Pinchville, Kansas SWM KS Pittsburg, Kansas J & P / MP / SLSF / KCS / ATSF KS Playter, Kansas M-K-T KS Pleasant Prairie School KS Pleasantview, Kansas KS Polk, Kansas KS Porterville, Kansas KS Quaker, Kansas M-K-T KS Quakervale, Kansas SLSF KS Quakervale, Kansas KS Radley Junction, Kansas J & P KS Raymond Park, Kansas J & P KS Red Onion, Kansas SLSF KS Riceville, Kansas SWM KS Ridgley, Kansas J & P KS Ringo, Kansas J & P KS Ringo Junction, Kansas J & P KS Riverton, Kansas SLSF KS Robinson's Switch NEO KS Rockwell, Kansas SLSF KS Roseland, Kansas NEO / SLSF KS Rust, Kansas J & P / MP KS Santa Fe Mine, Kansas ATSF KS Scammon, Kansas SLSF KS Scammonville, Kansas SLSF KS Scanville, Kansas SLSF KS Scotts Camp, Kansas SLSF KS Semple, Kansas J & P KS Shannon, Kansas J & P KS Sherman, Kansas KS Sherman City, Kansas M-K-T KS Sherwin Jct., Kansas SLSF KS Sinclair, Kansas SLSF KS Skidmore, Kansas NEO / SLSF KS South Columbus, Kansas NEO KS South Galena, Kansas SLSF KS South Radley, Kansas ATSF KS Spring Grove, Kansas SWM KS Star Valley, Kansas M-K-T KS Starvale, Kansas M-K-T KS State Line, Kansas SLSF KS Stergntown, Kansas SLSF KS Stillson, Kansas NEO / SLSF KS Stillwell, Kansas KS Stippville, Kansas SLSF KS Stone City, Kansas KS Strauss, Kansas SLSF KS Strongstown, Kansas ATSF KS Swentown, Kansas SLSF KS Taylors, Kansas NEO KS Tehama, Kansas KS Tool House, Kansas SLSF / ATSF KS Treece, Kansas NEO / SLSF KS Turck, Kansas NEO / SLSF KS Union, Kansas J & P KS Varck, Kansas KCS / SLSF KS Varks, Kansas KCS / SLSF KS Walnut, Kansas ATSF / M-K-T KS Watertank, Kansas SLSF KS Weilana, Kansas SLSF KS Weir, Kansas SLSF KS Weir City, Kansas SLSF KS Weir Junction, Kansas SLSF KS West Mineral, Kansas M-K-T KS West Pittsburg, Kansas J & P KS West Weir, Kansas J & P KS Westville, Kansas KS White Hall, Kansas KS Wilkes, Kansas KS Wilsonville, Kansas SLSF KS Wirtonia, Kansas KS Yale, Kansas MP MO Airport Drive, Missouri MO Albia, Missouri MP MO Alcoro, Missouri MO Alston, Missouri SLSF MO Arcadia, Missouri SLSF MO Ardath, Missouri KCS / SLSF MO Asbury, Missouri MP / KCS / J & P MO Atlas, Missouri MP MO Barrett, Missouri J & P MO Beckwith, Missouri SLSF / J & P MO Belle Center, Missouri MO Belleville, Missouri MO Belleville Switch J & P MO Birch, Missouri MO Blendville, Missouri MO Bluffsville, Missouri SLSF MO Blythesville, Missouri MO Boydon, Missouri KCS MO Breese, Missouri MO Brest, Missouri MO Bronaugh, Missouri MP MO Brooklyn Heights, MO MO Burgess, Missouri KCS MO Burgess Station, MO KCS MO Cagle, Missouri SWM / SLSF MO Carl Junction, Missouri SLSF / J & P MO Carterville, Missouri MO Cave Springs, Missouri M-K-T MO Cedar Creek, Missouri MO Center Creek, Missouri MP MO Center Creek MO Central City, Missouri MO Chat Junction, Missouri KCS MO Chitwood, Missouri J & P / M-K-T / SLSF MO Chitwood, Missouri KCS MO Cisco Spur, Missouri MP MO Cliff Village, Missouri MO Confidence, Missouri MO Cossville, Missouri MO Dayton, Missouri MO Dennis Acres, Missouri MO Duenweg, Missouri MO Duenweg Jct., Missouri MO Duquesne, Missouri MO Duval, Missouri MO East Joplin, Missouri SLSF MO Edwin, Missouri MP MO Empire, Missouri SLSF MO Fall City, Missouri M-K-T / SLSF MO Freddville, Missouri MO Fuller, Missouri KCS MO Galena Jct., Missouri SLSF / SWM MO Galesburg, Missouri MO Gateway Drive, Missouri KCS MO Georgia, Missouri MO Georgia City, Missouri MO Grand Falls, Missouri MO Greenwood, Missouri KCS MO Gregg, Missouri MO Gulfton, Missouri KCS / SLSF MO Hand, Missouri KCS MO Hannon, Missouri KCS MO Harr, Missouri KCS MO Hawley, Missouri SLSF MO Hercules, Missouri MP MO Horn, Missouri M-K-T MO Hornet, Missouri MO Howard, Missouri SLSF MO Hub, Missouri MP MO Iantha, Missouri SLSF MO Iron Gates, Missouri SLSF MO J & G Jct., Missouri SLSF MO Jackson, Missouri SLSF MO Jackson Diggings, MO SWM MO Johnstown, Missouri MP MO Joplin, Missouri KCS / SWM / J & P / MP / SLSF / M-K-T MO K O G Jct., Missouri MO Kiddoo, Missouri MO Klondike, Missouri MO Lakeside, Missouri MO Last Chance, Missouri SLSF MO Le Roy, Missouri MO Leawood, Missouri MO Lehigh, Missouri MO Leigh, Missouri J & P MO Liberal, Missouri SLSF / MP MO Little North Fork MO Lodi, Missouri MO Log, Missouri MO Lone Elm, Missouri M-K-T MO Macy, Missouri SLSF MO Mansur, Missouri SLSF MO Medoc, Missouri MO Midway, Missouri MP MO Midway, Missouri MO Minden, Missouri SLSF MO Minden Station, MO SLSF MO Mindenmimes, Missouri SLSF MO Moonshine Hill, MO MP MO Morgans, Missouri SLSF MO Nashville, Missouri MO Neck City, Missouri MP MO New Alms Spur, Missouri MP MO Newton, Missouri SLSF / KCS MO North Fork Spring River MO North Joplin, Missouri KCS MO North Star School MO Oakland, Missouri MO Oakland Park, Missouri MP MO Old Rock, Missouri SLSF MO Oranogo, Missouri MP / SLSF / SWM MO Oranogo Jct., Missouri SLSF / SWM MO Oskaloosa, Missouri KCS MO Pedro, Missouri SLSF MO Porto Rico, Missouri MP MO Prairie View, Missouri J & P MO Preston, Missouri MO Prosperity, Missouri MP MO Prosperity Jct., MO MO Purcell, Missouri MP / SWM MO Racine, Missouri MO Rebe, Missouri SLSF MO Red Plant, Missouri SLSF MO Redings Mill, Missouri MO Rex, Missouri KCS MO Ruth, Missouri SLSF MO Saginaw, Missouri MO Schiffendecker Park J & P MO Scottland, Missouri MO Sherwood, Missouri MO Shoal Creek MO Shoal Creek Drive, MO MO Silver Creek, Missouri MO Smithfield, Missouri SLSF MO South Joplin, Missouri MO South Oranogo, Missouri MP / SLSF / SWM MO Spring City, Missouri MO Spring River, Missouri J & P MO Spring River, Missouri MO Spurgeon, Missouri MO Station 90, Missouri J & P MO Stringtown, Missouri MO Sunnyvale, Missouri MO Swart, Missouri KCS MO Swindle Hill, Missouri KCS MO Tanyard, Missouri MO Terminal Spur, Missouri KCS MO Thom, Missouri J & P MO Thoms, Missouri J & P MO Thurman, Missouri KCS MO Tipton Ford, Missouri KCS MO Tuckahoe, Missouri MO Tuckers Corner, MO MO Turkey, Missouri M-K-T MO Verdella, Missouri MO Vernon, Missouri MP / SLSF MO Villa Heights, Missouri MO Vincent, Missouri SLSF MO Waco, Missouri SLSF / J & P MO Webb City, Missouri SLSF / MP / SWM MO Wimmer, Missouri SLSF MO Zincite, Missouri MO Zincville, Missouri J & P OK Blue Goose, Oklahoma NEO OK Cardon, Oklahoma SLSF / NEO OK Century, Oklahoma SLSF OK Commerce, Oklahoma OK Douthat, Oklahoma SLSF OK East Pichter, Oklahoma NEO OK Five Mile, Oklahoma OK Hockersville, Oklahoma NEO OK Joplin Jct., Oklahoma SLSF / NEO OK Lincolnville, Oklahoma OK McClean, Oklahoma OK Monarch, Oklahoma NEO OK North Miami, Oklahoma NEO OK Oak, Oklahoma OK Ontario, Oklahoma NEO OK Peoria, Oklahoma OK Picher, Oklahoma SLSF / NEO OK Potter, Oklahoma NEO OK Quapaw, Oklahoma SLSF / KOG OK Russell Creek, Oklahoma M-K-T OK Saint Louis, Oklahoma NEO OK St. Louis, Oklahoma NEO OK Stock Yards, Oklahoma NEO OK Tar River, Oklahoma NEO OK Zincville, Oklahoma NEO

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